What’s Happening at CCNY This Spring

Celebrating History This month, City College is hosting events in honor of Black History Month. In the past few weeks of February, events have included a performance of “James Baldwin: Down from the Mountaintop,” lectures on the lives of Malcolm X and Bob Marley, and showings of Good Hair, Glory Road and To Sir With […]

Coming Home to City College

This Fall’s President’s Lecture was given by Oscar Hijuelos, who delivered a speech entitled “Coming Home to City College.” Before Hijuelos took the podium, President Lisa Coico described him as a “true son of City College,” which is an appropriate title for the well-known author. In addition to being one of the college’s first SEEK […]

Who’s In Your Class?

If Blackboard and Facebook had a baby, it would probably look a lot like In Your Class, an academic social networking site for CUNY students. In Your Class was started by four CCNY students – Arber Ruci, Ari Xhelo, Fani Maksakuli and Sergey Agroskin – in 2009. After several years of development and multiple versions of the […]

Thinking About Macaulay

I think I got it figured out. (Still grappling with narcissism and paternalism…so please pardon me, especially during this difficult finals period.) First, it’s a happy accident that I’m here. It’s a happy accident that we’re all here, more or less. As accomplished as we are, in the back of our minds, we should know […]