Against All Odds

The two main political parties of Bangladesh are in an open war with each other. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of the Awami League leads a campaign of suppression against the opposition, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), arresting several prominent BNP members and placing BNP leader Khaleda Zia under house arrest. (The Awami League won the […]

Community Is Possible: Reviving American Populism on the Local Level

A new wave of American populism is on the rise. Spurred by the crash of 2008 and a subsequently gridlocked government, many Americans have come to a realization: they are losers in a system whose beneficiaries are gatekeepers to the country’s most influential institutions, and can thus effectively block all attempts at serious structural change. […]

A DIfferent Kind of Tyranny

Economic inequality has been at the forefront of American politics for several election cycles. The middle class dwindles, while the wealthiest further enrich themselves. We constantly hear statistics that say most of the economic gains made since the recession have been vacuumed up by the richest 1 percent. Considering that median incomes have barely risen […]

Economic Growth In Africa: The Unheard Success Story

Perhaps rapid development of Asian countries and the simultaneous downturn in Europe and the United States overshadows growth rates in Africa, which are projected to be the fastest growing over the next decade. However, growth has spread throughout Africa, and while poverty and corruption are still rampant, millions of people are doing better economically speaking […]