This seminar is an historical survey of literature, fine art, photography, architecture, film, and music produced in and about New York City.  We hope to gain insight into artistic works by immersing ourselves in the cultural contexts in which the works were produced, and conversely we hope to learn more about the history of New York City by seeing it reflected in art.

New !“The Final,” due December 19th

Follow these links to read the syllabus, look at your assignments, and view a list of themes that the class will explore through artistic works.  Follow the links below for a full listing of tasks and readings to be completed for each session.

Tuesday, August 29th, The Birth of the City

Tuesday, September 5th, Order and Disorder

Tuesday, September 12th, Sunlight and Shadow

Tuesday, September 26th, Social Realism in the Gilded Age

Tuesday, October 3rd, The Power and the People

Tuesday, October 10th, Ragtime

Tuesday, October 17th, The Lost City

Tuesday, October 24th, The Harlem Renaissance

Tuesday, October 31st, Cosmopolis

Tuesday, November 7th, The Depression (Note: Class meets from 1-2PM only)

Tuesday, November 14th, The Post War City

Tuesday, November 28th, Crisis and Resurgence

Tuesday, December 5th: Music in NYC, Part One

Tuesday, December 12th: Music in NYC, Part Two