Task One: Watch this final segment of New York: A Documentary Film.

Task Two: Respond to this prompt.

Task Three: Read Allen Ginsberg’s “Mugging.” Or you might want to read along as you listen to Ginsberg himself read “Mugging.”

Task Four: Read Tama Janowitz’s, “Physics.”

Task Five: Watch this excerpt from the Godfrey Reggio film Koyaanisqatsi scored by Philip Glass.  The name of the film is a native American word that means “life out of balance,” and, as a whole, the film can be taken as a critique of industrial civilization.  However, there are places where the film captures the city as a beautify integrated organic machine.  I consider this excerpt to be one of them.

Task Five: Respond to this prompt.

Task Six: Upload the final version of your Urban Arts & Culture brochure as a PDF using the form below. Remember that the 3 panels of the brochure should be arranged, left to right: 5-6-1, and on the second page 2-3-4. 1 is the front cover, 2-3-4 is the full brochure unfolded on the inside, 5 is the right-hand inside flap (across from 2), and 6 is the back cover. We will look at these in class and critique them.

To generate a QR code for your video, use this website.

Brochure Upload

  • Accepted file types: pdf.