Task One: Watch The Crash and The Empire State Building.

Task Two: Comment on this prompt.

Task Three: Read Chinatown Family and comment on this prompt.  Be prepared to discuss the book next class.

Task Four: Watch “The Depression and the Rise of LaGuardia” from New York: A Documentary Film.

Task Five: Comment on this prompt.

Task Six: Review the Historic Fiction Assignment. It is due November 28th.

Task Seven: Turn in your Urban Art and Culture Guide Assignment

Task Eight: We’ll spend some time in class discussing the opera The Exterminating Angel that we all saw last week. Please think about the following questions and come prepared to discuss them:

  • How did the composer use music to highlight the story or drama? Were there any specific moments that stood out?
  • How did the staging enhance or highlight certain moments of action?
  • How did the experience of seeing an opera differ from other theatrical events you’ve seen?
  • Do you think opera is a viable artistic medium in the 21st century? Why or why not? Should opera houses stick to the “classics” of the 19th century repertoire or should they continue to offer new compositions like this?
  • What was the experience of attending the Met like for you?
  • Based on this experience, are you likely to choose to see an opera at some point in the future? (it’s OK if the answer is “no”!).