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Caring for Our Wise Generation…

“I can’t help seeing in their eyes the pleading voice of my mom asking for help. I see the same wrinkles, the same wisdom and experience; all hardships; failures; all their successes… nothing gives me more satisfaction than giving a helping hand while doing my best at providing a decent living during their last days, or for some of them, years, here on Earth.”

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Jamaican and Proud!

Raven Lemon’s Interview as Told by Chelsea Batista

Raven Lemon

Kicking it in Kingston

I was born in Kingston. And I lived in Saint Catherine. I lived with my aunt, because my mom worked all the time and my dad already lived in the US. My aunts were very religious. I lived in a two bedroom house. It was very nice considering what bad parts of Jamaica were like. It was roomy and clean and I was the only child that lived there. My aunts had kids, but I’m literally the baby of everyone in the family. I have a cousin that’s one year older than me, but she lived with her dad. So, she was not around a lot unless she was visiting my aunt. And my other cousins’ children would come over on some weekends, but I basically lived alone with the adults. It was quiet sometimes, but it was nice.

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Halal Food

He stands over the grill, chopping chicken, lamb, and broccoli with a metal paddle.  After he stops chopping he presses down on the meat with an aluminum foil plate.  As he presses, the juice from the meat spreads out slowly, bubbling away vigorously.  He fills a large Styrofoam box with fresh lettuce and tomatoes on the left and a brown colored rice on the right.  After filling the box, he removes the press and scoops the meat with two metal paddles and lays it upon the rice and vegetable.

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Audmar – Working in NYC

Audmar Charles, born and raised in Port au Prince, Haiti, came to the United States in 1979 in hopes for an economic opportunity. By the looks of his work history, it seems as if it was more of a mission than just a hope. As a 23 year old ambitious young man, Audmar wasted no time and chased as many job offers as possible. Now 56 years of age, Audmar has the same ambitious attitude, as he puts it “Everyone comes to America for a better life economically, so there’s no time to waste”.

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Central Park Conservancy: The Center of New York City

Gabriel Mitchell’s Interview as told by Selena Vargas

 Gabriel Mitchell leads a rather active lifestyle in the amazing and breathtaking center of Manhattan; the much revered Central Park. It is not a position he envisioned himself being in growing up on the lush island of Tobago but when one migrates to the United States you never know what turns your life will take.

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