View Tottenville Waterfront routes in a larger map

For this project, we split up into two groups and explored Tottenville in different ways. Our first group explored the Waterfront. We first went to Conference House Park, and explored the Billopp House (also known as the Conference House) as well as the Recreational Pavillion that overlooks the beach. We also walked along the beach itself. Then, we went to a different waterfront near Angelina’s restaurant that had a view of the Outerbridge Crossing, the old Perth Amboy Ferry, various ships, and the Staten Island Railroad. Our second group explored the town and streets. We went along Main Street and Amboy Road, and found various old buildings, as well as the first library built on Staten Island, the Tottenville Library. We also saw that they had their own police station, and that there were about 5 churches, various storefronts, and the side streets had many houses, old and new.

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