The varying demographical population of Corona Queens is underscored in the cultural celebrations throughout Corona.  Many of these events take place in Flushing Meadows Park and are accompanied with food, music and dancing.

Sakura Matsuri – In 1912, the Japanese government gifted the United States with over 3,000 Cherry Blossom trees as a sign of a newly flourishing relationship between the two states.  Hosted by the Japanese American Association of New York, this is “Cherry Blossom Festival” is a free April Celebration of Japanese culture in Corona, reflecting upon an old Japanese custom to picnic under a blossoming Sakura trees.



Colombian Independence Day Festival– On, July 20, 1810 Columbia declared its independence from Spanish rule and on August 7th, 1819, led by commander Simon Bolivar, achieved this at the battle at Boyacá’s bridge.  Every mid-July, Colombians celebrate this momentous occasion in their native country while thousands in Flushing Meadows (hosted by the Centro Civico Colombiano) hold a festival of yellow, blue, and red to celebrate.


Junta Hispana Festival– This pan-Latino gathering of Hispanic Heritage features live music, dancing, and food celebrating twenty different Spanish-speaking nations.  Usually attracting 50,000 attendees, both entertainment and education are stressed during these lively festivities.


Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival– The Tuen Ng Festival, celebrated in the fifth moon of the Chinese lunar calendar, commemorates Qu Yuan, a Chinese national hero who drowned himself in the Mi Lo River to protest against the malfeasant rulers of his day.  In New York, celebrations take place in Meadow Lake of Flushing Meadows Park and hosts over 100 dragon boat teams from all over the continent!

Kichrie Festival– is a demonstration found at the Queens Museum of Art.  Indo

Caribbean Heritage is celebrated as participants get a taste of Hosay, a musical form ofstreet theatre found in India and Trinidad.

Korean Harvest Folklore Festival – Chuseok, a three-day holiday in Korea, is a celebration of the harvest, similar to the American Thanksgiving holiday.   The Korean Produce Association has organized this festival since 1982 and participants get to experience traditional arts, traditions and foods.








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