UMapper Tutorial

You can create a new map or add to an existing a map in either a post or on a page.  If you are creating a new map, open a “new post” or click “edit” on the page you want to edit.  Click on the little blue U above the text box.

If you are creating a new map:

  1. enter a title and a description
  2. choose a map provider (You may want to look at the different maps to see which ones you like best. Some are cleaner than others.  Some have street names, others do not, etc.)
  3. choose a template. (The default template will allow the viewer to zoom in and out of the map, the locked view will not.)
  4. click “create map” at the top of the page
  5. choose the zoom tool (the magnifying glass) on the side and zoom in to the section of the map you want.
  6. add markers, audio or media
  7. click ‘save’


If you are adding to an existing map:

  1. click on “my maps” at the top of the page
  2. choose the map you want to work on
  3. add a marker by clicking on the pink marker icon and then the spot on the map where you want to place the marker.  You can also add circles, squares or lines.
  4. Add text, change the color of the marker or reposition it by hovering over it until a box with these icons appears.
  5. To add audio or pictures, click on the “info window content” on your marker.  You will see tabs for audio and image.  Click on one of these and upload the file you want.  Then click “submit”.
  6. Once you have added everything you want to put on the map, click save.
  7. Close the map box and click “Update”

[umap id=”125853″ tp=”6″ size=”m” alignment=”center”]

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