Tutorial: Making a Slideshow

Tutorial: Making a Slideshow

(Thanks to Emily Sherwood, Baruch College ITF for this tutorial!)

If you have several images that you’d like to upload in a gallery / slideshow format rather than embedding rows and rows of images on your website, you might try using NextGen, a great little plugin that we have on our site.

  1. In Dashboard near the bottom left there should be a Gallery button. Select that and then when the options come up under the Gallery button choose Add Gallery / Images.
  2. This should bring up two tabs that say “Upload Images” and “Add New Gallery.” Select Add New Gallery first, type in the Gallery Name and then select Add Gallery.
  3. Click on the Upload Images tab and choose your gallery from the drop down menu.
  4. Then click on the Browse button. Find your images and select as many as you want (to choose multiple images to upload at once, hold down the Command key and then select all of the images that you want to upload), once you have your images selected, click on Select button.
  5. Click on Upload Images and wait patiently while the photos upload, or go make yourself a snack.
  6. If you go back to the Gallery icon on the lower left of Dashboard and choose Manage Gallery, you can update the photo names, resize images, add descriptions, rotate images, etc. For example, under the Gallery Settings at the top of the Manage Gallery section, you can select a specific picture as the Preview Image for your Gallery.
  7. Once you’re happy with your gallery, you’ve chosen a Preview Image, and you’ve clicked Save Changes, go back to your page or post.
  8. To insert your newly created gallery, place your cursor in the spot in your post where you want the slide show and click on the NextGen button in the Tool Bar at the top of your page/post edit window. The NextGen button looks like a photo of a hill with a sun in the corner and if you hover over the button it says “Add NextGen Gallery.” You can select the pictures to come in as an Image List (basically thumbnails of all of the pictures that you can choose to see as a slideshow), a Slideshow (a continuous loop of the images), or as an Image Browser (the images one at a time with the title of the images on top of the picture, and the ability to click forward or back through the images as you desire).

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