Re-Sizing and Adding Photos to the Class Site

One of the things you have been asked to do is to take as many photographs and as much video as possible on your walking tour of Corona, Queens.  This tutorial is here to help you get those photos from your camera onto the class website.  First, you will have to download all the images from your camera onto your computer.  You should save them as .jpeg files.

Re-Sizing Photos

Before you upload your photos to the class website please re-size them in Preview.  You can do this by opening the photo in Preview, clicking on “Tools” and then “Adjust Size”.  This will bring up a dialogue box that tells you the width and height of the photo.  Photos should not be wider than 700 pixels.  To re-size, click on the drop down menu beside “Width” and “Height”, choose “pixels” and make the width 700 or less.  Make sure the “Scale proportionally” box is checked so that your photos do not get distorted.  Click “ok” and save your re-sized photo.

Uploading Photos to the Class Website:

Now that your images are sized appropriately, you can add them to the class site.  Go to the Dashboard and click “Media” from the sidebar on the left.  Go to “Add New” and choose the files you want to add from your computer.  As you choose files, be sure to re-name them something easily identifiable so that other students will know what the picture is about from the file name.  Once you have selected all your files, click ‘Save all changes’.  Voila – your photos are loaded and ready to be used!

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