A BioBlitz Segment

On Monday, August 26th, I walked into Central Park without much expectation of an abundance of species (animals, that is) being uncovered by this Bioblitz event. I had been to Central Park multiple times and did not observe anything special in particular. That said, I had only ventured along the roads and on occasions, near the ponds. I found more garbage than diversity. However, there are certainly a great variety of flowers and plants all over the park.

When I arrived, many other Macaulay Honors students had already gathered. We were later split into groups to conduct group surveys. My group, however, simply split and went our own ways after a short while. Initially, I walked by myself along the road but I later joined another group of students and headed deeper into the grassy areas until we saw a field of flowers and tall plants. I had never ventured this deep into the Central Park Conservancy before. Noting the types of species was interesting, but I was far more impressed by the view. As a nature lover, being surrounded by greenery in the city was a refreshing experience. Undoubtedly, the park had far more to offer than a quiet place to relax and enjoy the day.

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