It’s Not All About the Money

In Costanza’s article, it discusses the approximate economic value of ecosystem services. Apparently, the ecosystem services are worth trillions of dollars.¬†Honestly, I don’t think there should be a price on a system that helps the growth of life. Certain ecosystem help certain animals survive. However, with human intervention like cutting down a forest, it would result in loss of habitat, food, etc. I feel like it is immoral to just destroy homes of innocent animals.

People shouldn’t change the quality or quantity of ecosystem services. We shouldn’t create new buildings, streets and bridges because we are ruining these ecosystems. Ecosystems are very important to the contribution to human welfare on this planet. There are so many benefits of conserving ecosystems compared to changing it into a man-made structure. In the article there is a long list of the benefits of ecosystem services , such as water supply and regulation, nutrient recycling, food production, raw materials and biological control. These benefits should outweigh the benefits for creating any structure.

This article reminded me of the controversy in Oyster Bay, which was mentioned by a classmate. A referendum was created to petition the sale of a property for the creation of a mall in Oyster Bay, which would be sold for $32 million. Right next to it is a Cerro Wire plot that is home to certain endangered birds and other species. Building a mall near this plot of land would cause harm to the animals and birds due to the increasing amount of pollution from cars and trash. I don’t think putting animals in harms way is worth the production of a mall. Sadly, the voters approved the construction of the mall and there will be consequences.

There already has been so much human intervention; so can we protect these ecosystems rather than destroy it.  Ecosystems are irreplaceable and therefore should be priceless.

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