Come learn all about ants, bees, and where to find them!




On Thursday, September 17 at 5pm, our featured experts will be Sarah Kornbluth of the American Museum of Natural History, Caroline DeVan of New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Sean McKenzie of Emory University. Click on the links in their names to see a little of these taxon leaders in action.

Sarah Kornbluth wears a teal BioBlitz shirt, beige pants, and a blue baseball cap. She is holding an insect net and standing in the Gowanus Canal Salt Lot. Macaulay students holding nets are in a circle around her.

Sarah Kornbluth

Caroline DeVan wears a teal BioBlitz shirt and beige pants. She is holding up an insect net and a group of Macaulay students follow behind her, also holding nets.

Caroline DeVan

Sean McKenzie wears a green BioBlitz shirt and a black vest. He is supervising a student using a microscope at the 2015 BioBlitz. Other Macaulay students stand nearby.

Sean McKenzie