An Evening of Art, Music, and Mustaches: Macaulay Arts Night 2012

Students from all seven campuses flocked to Macaulay Central for the Fourth Annual Arts Night, a celebration of the artistic talent found in the Macaulay community. The event showcased drawings, paintings, sculptures, and writing, as well as featured musical, dance, and spoken word performances. This year also marked the debut of The Macaulay Triplets, the College’s new a capella group. The Triplets will be performing in a concert with The Macaulay Musicians Collective on May 11th at 7pm at Macaulay Central.

The Arts Night Curators are all smiles at Macaulay Central after setting up for the event Saturday night.

“I was very impressed by all of the performers, particularly the Musicians Collective and the Macaulay Triplets,” said Gabriella Leone (Staten Island ’13). “I can’t wait to see more of them.”

This year’s Arts Night theme was Dadaism; mustaches were incorporated in various aspects of the evening, from the facial hair props distributed at the sign-in table to the mustachioed confections baked for the event.

Indeed, Arts Night has become a well-loved tradition that has served as uniting for the Macaulay community.

“I’ve been involved in planning and curating Arts Night since it started four years ago,” said Natalia Donofrio (Queens ’12). “Arts Night is all about celebrating student creativity and showcasing the many wonderful talents of our classmates and friends. I really loved every minute of it, and I’m so thankful for having been a part it.”

To watch some of the Arts Night performances, check out our Talent Showcase on YouTube!

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