Letter From The Editor — Thank You

Two years ago, I posed a question on a dry-erase board in the Macaulay CSI lounge: “What would you name a Macaulay newspaper?” Septopride was a popular contender, after Macaulay’s beloved unofficial mascot; others chimed in with Crimson, The Macaulian, The Macaulay Web, Campus Connection, and The MacNews. Ultimately, Patrick Granata (Staten Island ’14) suggested […]

Polls, Superstitions Predict Election Outcome

While many nationwide polls report a statistical tie between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, some Americans are examining other indicators to predict the winner of the 2012 presidential election. From merchandise sales to cookie recipe contests, here are some strange and unscientific, yet seemingly accurate predictors of presidential elections. The Redskins Rule Tradition […]

Election 2012 — The Issues

Voters have been rallying behind their candidates as the 2012 presidential election season is in full swing; however, some voters still remain undecided, and others would just like to learn more about the other candidates on the ballot. The Macaulay Messenger’s guide to the 2012 presidential election breaks down the beliefs of each candidate on […]