Hunter’s Third Senior Research Forum

A record number of attendees came to the third and final Senior Research Forum at the Roosevelt House; guests consisted generally of those who attended SRFs in the past, as well as a handful who attended for the first time. Potential members of the SRF team for 2014 also attended.

“It was really great to see the event become a tradition over the year, and see familiar faces attend each consecutive one. I think the 2014 organizers who were present are really excited going into this now!” said Simratpal Kaur, a member of the 2013 SRF team.

Swathi Mummini, a first time attendee, thought that “it was a great experience seeing all the seniors in one place, creating a very nostalgic setting as memories of freshman year were brought up.”

Presenters included Christina Borovilas, Shekeima Dockery, and Aime Salazar. Borovilas presented first, with her research project, The Ratification of the United States Constitution by the New York Delegates. Dockery continued the night on with her presentation titled Black Women and the Evils of Mainstream Feminism. Salazar, who is also a member of the SRF team, presented Immigration Victims Of Legal Fraud: Policies To Address a Hidden Issue.

As it was the final SRF of the year, toasting members of the senior class for their achievements took on a more celebatory and sentimental note.

“I wish there were more events like this that brought together the class each year”, Mummini voiced on behalf of many other seniors with the same sentiment.

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