History Among the Stars

By Urooj Khan On February 24th, 2020, a pioneering mathematician who paved the way for women to travel to space found her own space amongst the stars. She broke so much more than the physical barrier between our atmosphere and space. She passed away peacefully at 101 in her retirement home in Newport News, Virginia. […]

Audre Lorde: A Powerful Woman and Her Poetry

In celebration of Women’s History Month, it is important to look back at the female pioneers who have paved the way in fields such as science, mathematics, literature, engineering, medicine, etc. They have pried open previously locked doors of opportunities that are now available to young girls aspiring to do great things. Last semester, in […]

Hunter’s Third Senior Research Forum

A record number of attendees came to the third and final Senior Research Forum at the Roosevelt House; guests consisted generally of those who attended SRFs in the past, as well as a handful who attended for the first time. Potential members of the SRF team for 2014 also attended. “It was really great to […]