A Conversation Between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Bill and Melinda Gates at Hunter College

On February 13, Hunter College’s Assembly Hall was packed to the brim as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates graced the stage in order to discuss the Gates’ 10th annual letter. After Jennifer Raab, Hunter College’s President, introduced Miranda, the Hunter College alumnus got the crowd warmed up to receive the stars of the […]

Let’s Appreciate History

In celebration of Black History Month, I figured it’d be fitting to write an appreciation post about history. But, rather than focusing on specifically black history, I’m here to make a case for history as a whole.“History” gets a bad rap because of what we’re accustomed to as students (assuming like me, you’re not a […]

Seven Changes to the SAT

Last year, the number of students who took the ACT, an aptitude test which largely measures knowledge acquired in school, was greater than the SAT, which measures test-taking abilities. The College Board, makers of the SAT, recently announced that in the spring of 2016, they will be changing the current format of the test to […]


It’s 8 a.m. Today is S.A.T. day. No wait. It’s A.C.T. day. Nope–G.R.E. already? Oh man, that M.C.A.T. just took the wind out of my brain. We have a great system going here. Too many people? That’s no problem at all; the educational system has a way to quantify you. A way to strip away […]