Housing Statistics Within The Howard Beach Area





As we can easily see from the statistics (left) , the majority of household families in most areas of New York City including Howard Beach, seem to be married and live with their spouses.  Among those who live alone, women seem to be able to get by more easily on their own as opposed to their male counterparts (in all cases more women live on their own than men). It may also be noted that more women live their livesunmarried in the Howard Beach area while statistically less unmarried males own or rent homes. Interestingly enough, in the Howard Beach area, the majority of the inhabitants tend to own their homes as opposed to renting. Generally in NYC the majority of inhabitants rent their homes however this is clearly not the case for Howard Beach residents. Finally, it is important to note that while there is a significant majority of renters among those that live alone, in Howard Beach, the majority of even those that live on their own have purchased their homes, a significant contrast with other cities within New York.