Owners vs. Renters

New York City is the most populous city in the United States, with a population density of 26,403 per square mile. Therefore, the people of New York City don’t spread out as much as they spread up. It can be expected that most people rent in high rise buildings. The 1990 census illustrates that there are more than one million are renters than owners. The 2000 census supports this trend and people continue to rent more than own. 
However, “suburbs” still remain in some boroughs, such as Howard Beach in Queens. The 1990 census shows that there are more owners then renters residing in Howard Beach. As a zip code, Howard Beach had four thousand more owners in 1990. The 2000 census emphasizes that the trend continued between 1990 and 2000. Although both renters and owners increased modestly, there are more than owners overall.
I predict that both owners and renters increased over the past ten years in Howard Beach. I do not believe renters will surpass owners. However, this may be complicated by the economic downturn and house foreclosures. Because there are many owners in Howard Beach, many of them probably have families and established roots. Therefore, the residents of Howard Beach are probably less transient than the many renters of NYC.