Transcribed Interviews in Local Businesses

 Young Male Employee of an Italian Deli:

“I grew up in Howard beach and lived here my whole life. I am a proud Italian-American and my family celebrates the culture. It is very important to us. Our traditions include Sunday dinner and fish on Christmas. I do not know the Italian language except for a few words. I have been to Italy in the past. My family owns an auto repair shop and our strong family values help the business. Most people here are manual laborers. I have never watched The Jersey Shore. I do not believe the stereotypes perpetuated by the media are right.”


Middle Aged Male getting nails done at a spa:

“I am not that connected to Italy because I am the third generation. I do not know the language but I have been to Italy a couple of times for vacation. I love the neighborhood. Although I have moved to the Island, I come here to see my mom and run errands. The neighborhood is very safe. I still know my childhood friends. The professions are very varied around here. I am a financial advisor. I know doctors, lawyers, and blue collared workers. There have been big changes in the neighborhood. In the last ten years a lot of nationalities have moved in, especially Indians. I am not offended by the media or The Jersey Shore. Everyone dresses a certain way; it’s just your preference. Like the Hispanics wear baggy pants.”


Young Woman at an Electronics Store:

"You're welcome if you're white. There's still hate crimes but you don't hear about them. People in the neighborhood hear about them. If they know you're not from this neighborhood, they'll make you feel uncomfortable. As soon as I get enough money, I am going to move out. [About MTV's Jersey Shore] I don't see how its offensive. I love that show. It's 100% accurate. This is fucking Howard Beach. There's 300 milion tanning shops. Everyone's dying for the next season. That's what a guido is. That's how they are. No matter what you're doing, someone always brings up Jersey Shore. Last night, I was eating a pickle and someone brought up Snookie."