School Enrollment


         Howard Beach

New York


1990 Census

2000 Census


1990 Census




Persons  3+ in preprimary school












   + 908

Persons in elementary and high school












   + 43,013

Persons enrolled in college












   -46, 362

Persons 3+ NOT

enrolled in school












 - 242,882


Total Persons










- 245,323


















The data presented above was acquired using the infoshare online database. This table was created to more clearly illustrate the results. Using this data to research Howard Beach as a zip code,  we compared the school enrollment by level and type for white persons over the years between 1990 and 2000.  We also collected school enrollment data for all of New York City. Again we compared school enrollment by level and type for white persons over the years between 1990 and 2000.

Let’s begin by looking at the Howard Beach information on the table. This section shows us that in general, enrollment in preprimary school, elementary school, and high school gradually increased as the population gradually increased. Enrollment in college however dropped by 344 persons. One reason why this might be is: The parents who run their own businesses pass on these businesses to their children. Their children then find no reason to attend college seeing that they are already financially secure as long as they maintain the family business. Persons not enrolled in school increased by 94 people in 10 years. Individuals who have already graduated from college and those who did not attend college may be the reason for this drop in school enrollment. In general this data table reveals that the white Howard Beach community has grown slightly within this 10 year period. This corresponds to our readings about Italian family values: The children do not stray too far from the nest.

The New York portion of the table follows the same pattern as the Howard Beach portion with regards to preprimary school, elementary school, and high school. Again in the New York half we can see a drop in college enrollment from 1990 to 2000. Considering that this half of the table contains data for all of New York City, which is much more diverse than just the Howard Beach area, this drop in college enrollment may be due to financial strain instead of inheritance of the family business. As college tuition has increased over the years, more often than not more individuals choose to enter the work force right out of high school instead of pursuing a higher education. The last two columns of this table create some confusion. We checked and triple checked our math, but we cannot account for the increase of school enrollment of persons three years and older while there appears to be a decrease of total persons overall in NYC. We will however make an educated guess and say that this may have to do with the complicated immigration and emigration patterns of NYC, or perhaps immigration of empty nesters.