Teen Forum


We created an online forum of four Italian teens, between the ages of 15-18, who grew up and currently live in Howard Beach. We asked their thoughts on the neighborhood, family dynamic, stereotypes of Italians, and any other topics they wanted to address. These are their unedited responses:


Female, 15: “Howard beach is mostly Italian- Americans but many people stereotype them as "Guidos" and think they are racist against African Americans due to to events; One being the New Park incident, and the other being the Nick Minnucci incident. After these days, Al Sharpton marched down crossbay blvd. They forget to mention the time when a group of African and Hispanic kids attacked white kids from HB on Halloween. I like living in HB because everyone knows each other and it's like one big happy family. You can always count on a neighbor and you can always feel safe. With the term "Guido" I hate when people relate us to jersey shore people because half of those people aren't even full Italian or Italian at all”




Male, 18: “I agree with what was said, people are very quick to judge our neighborhood. In no way do I condone what Nick Minnucci did but I'm pretty sure the guy who he beat up admitted that he was in Howard Beach looking to steal a car. Again not entirely sure about that but either way people should check both sides. I also love living in Howard Beach because everyone is close. Most of my family still lives in the neighborhood and my friends and I have played on the same basketball team with the same guys since we were like 5 or 6. People can say what they want but Howard Beach is awesome!”



Male, 17: “I also agree with what they said, when I tell people I am from Howard Beach they automatically assume that I am some rich, stuck up white guy, which is the wrong way to stereotype people from this neighborhood. They act as if I were showing off about living in here or as if I feel I am so special because I live here. I too have lots of family in the neighborhood and very nice neighbors. I love living here and I wish that people would stop stereotyping it the way they do.”




Male, 16:  “Like any other neighborhood you have the people that will be jerks, but all in all our whole lives are here and we have developed so many memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. As for the term guido, its just another stereotypical term that people use to refer to us. People quickly assume that I am racist and am rich cause I live here. Al sharpton is quick to judge us as being wrong but when blacks do something wrong than it’s ok which makes the people here angry. So all in all HB is a great place to live and like any other neighborhood, you just have to be aware of what is around you and be careful."