Interview With a Staff Member of Councilman Eric Ulrich


Eric Ulrich (R) represents New York City district 32 in the New York City Council. At 24, he is the youngest member of the New York City council and serves as minority whip for the republican delegation. Howard Beach is a part of his district, along with Broad Channel, Hamilton Beach, Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, Rockaways and Woodhaven. This is the transcript of an interview with a member of his staff.
How would you describe Howard Beach?
A wonderful place to live in NYC
What are some of the benefits to living in Howard Beach?
There are wonderful houses, wonderful restaurants, and great food. This is to suggest that other areas aren’t wonderful, but Howard beach is unique. The people that live there are very fond of their community. They are very happy to live there. They are also proud of their neighborhood.
How would you describe the average resident of Howard Beach?
The average person is someone who is committed to his or her community. They want to keep it safe and a nice place to live. They are responsible citizen.
What does Howard Beach need that the Councilman is working toward getting?
Howard Beach has the everyday needs that all New York City residence need from their councilman. They want to make sure someone is holding the line on spending. At the same time, they want someone meeting the needs of his constituents. They want clean, safe streets; they want their children to have access to a good education. They want to make sure that the taxpaying citizens of Howard Beach are treated fairly.
What are some issues for residents of Howard Beach?
Traffic and transportation are big issues in Howard Beach. It’s further away from the city, so commuting to Manhattan can be harder, whether they are taking mass transit or a car.
Where do you see Howard Beach in the future?
The people of Howard beach will dictate its future; anything is possible, but it will remain a great place to live.