Race Statistics

As a neighborhood, Howard Beach experienced an increase of Whites and Asians from 1990 to 2000. However, Blacks and Native Americans decreased slightly.

As a zip code, the number of Whites, Blacks, and Native Americans slightly decreased. The number of Asians, on the other hand, nearly doubled.

New York City, as a whole, saw a decline in the number of Whites, but an increase everywhere else. The number of Blacks was relatively high when compared to the numbers seen in Howard Beach.

It is highly probable that the number of Whites will remain dominant because it is a neighborhood known for a concentration of Italian-Americans. Their niche is noted through the numbers and can be used to infer that it will remain that way.


Race (Howard Beach)

Race 1990 2000
Whites 25,987 25,905
Blacks 353 296
American Indians, Eskimos, Aleutians 21 15
Asian and Pacific Islanders 593 904
Other 315 645



Race (New York City)

Race 1990 2000
Whites 3,831,907 3,577,052
Blacks 2,107,137 2,116,379
American Indians, Eskimos, Aleutians 22,718 36,657
Asian and Pacific Islanders 51,0549 792,980
Other 850,253 1,083,254