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Slow is mainstream

A typical day for Mr. Gomez is exactly like this one, just the right amount of customers. He works in a Deli on Jackson Height/ Roosevelt Avenue, something that he describes as “too noisy!” Mr. Gomez came from Ecuador back in 1994, because his uncle kept calling him here to help out with his business. “You know, I think that it is a vary big business! That when I come here, I will be a manager. I don’t want to be no farmer! That’s what I would have done if I stayed back in Ecuador. Become a farmer.” Acting upon the opportunity given to him to make his life a little better, Mr. Gomez did not hesitate to pack his bags and hop on the airplane and come here, of course after being sponsored by his uncle. Continue reading Slow is mainstream

Nube Cabrera’s Interview as told to Ann Jose

This interview is of Nube Cabrera (NC), aged 38. She came here when she was 17, without any expectations and thinking that she will probably be going back. The interview focuses mainly on her life after coming here and what events took place thereafter. Ivette Cabrera (IC), my friend helped in translation and contributed to the interview.

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16 and an Immgrant

An Immigration Narrative? Oh Yes! When one has immigrated just three years ago, there can be plenty of things to write about. Unlike most of my classmates, I think I am at an advantage here, as I might just be the most recent immigrant in our class. My family and I landed in the United States on October 2nd 2010, a memorable day for us, as it’s also Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. After spending almost 16 years of my life in India, America seemed too different. Continue reading 16 and an Immgrant