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For the Kids: Profile of an Immigrant Worker

When you enter Light and Love Home on 54th Street and and 8th Ave at around three or four o’clock, the first thing you notice is how alive it is. There are classrooms all around, some filled with children, other’s perhaps lacking. There are young men and women, all with I.D. cards on their person, running around throwing out trash, taking children outside, or helping them with their homework. The air is filled with tongues both familiar and foreign, English and Chinese. I can pick out a very distinctive voice, a clear, authoritative voice with barely noticeable undertones of exasperation. Continue reading For the Kids: Profile of an Immigrant Worker

Grandma’s Story

Immigration Narrative

My Grandmother was born in Puerto Rico. I’m guessing somewhere on the outskirts of San Juan, but I don’t really know, and she can barely remember her own name let alone where she was born. Her name back then was Felipa Diaz. She had three sisters, all of who are now dead. Her mother and father were very poor, and she was sent to work at a very young age. Continue reading Grandma’s Story