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Janet Veksler as told by Sara Brown

Janet Veksler has the ability to instantly light up a room. Her looks alone draw attention. Her hair is cropped short and dyed a deep red, curly tendrils spiral in every direction. Her nails, painted a glossy red, are long and trimmed to a severe point, and are often on full display as she uses lively gesticulations to enhance her stories. Her makeup- complete with penciled brows and a swipe of burgundy lipstick- has been applied with great care. Ms. Veksler throws formality to the wind as she openly and cheerfully discusses her life and work with an ease that could make anyone feel comfortable.

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Stephanie Falcon’s Work as Told to Thomas Saw Aung

Teaching New Civic Duties

Just three blocks away from the crowded Jackson Heights station lies a small three floored building with three cars parked in front building. After walking through the entrance of the Ecuadorian International Center (EIC), the first room you will see off the right is a large empty square waiting room. Past the waiting room is a hallway with multiple doors on both sides. At the very end the hallway bends at a 45° angle to left and there is a door at this bend. The door leads to a room with a round table and two computers facing each other on a separate table. The two windows in the room provide a moderate amount of light, but the light can barely filter through the blinds.

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