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When Art and Technology Meet

Anadol used over 300 million publicly available photos of nature as the dataset for the sculpture. This continues the theme of Machine Hallucinations, by seeing familiar concepts reimagined by machines.

Air Pollution effects on Lichen

Air pollution does its fair share of environmental destruction, although we may only see the affects of air pollution on the larger parts if the environment it’s important to focus on the smaller organisms that fall victim to air pollution.

The Charging Bull Reimagined

In the financial district of Manhattan, New York City, north of Bowling Green, a bronze sculpture called “The Charging Bull” is located, sometimes known as the Wall Street Bull or the Bowling Green Bull. The 7,100-pound bronze sculpture of a bull, a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and success, is 11 feet tall and 16 feet long. As a famous tourist attraction representing Wall Street and the financial district, thousands of tourists visit Charging Bull every day. Now what if it represented something more crucial to society?

Zionism in the Arts

An exploration of zionism in the arts. Zionists use the arts as a way to reconcile their love for Israel and need for a true homeland with stories, meaningful words, and poems.

Guide to Subway Art

New York experience is incomplete without the MTA. However, the beauty surrounding these stations gets ignored in our busy lives. Our project intends to identify the subway art throughout NYC.