Category: justice


This miniature of a recreational room inspired by the art-filled Brooklyn College library is meant to explore the intricacies of ableism.

The Charging Bull Reimagined

In the financial district of Manhattan, New York City, north of Bowling Green, a bronze sculpture called “The Charging Bull” is located, sometimes known as the Wall Street Bull or the Bowling Green Bull. The 7,100-pound bronze sculpture of a bull, a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and success, is 11 feet tall and 16 feet long. As a famous tourist attraction representing Wall Street and the financial district, thousands of tourists visit Charging Bull every day. Now what if it represented something more crucial to society?

Where is Home?

An audio file to be listened to riding the Q or B from Newkirk Plaza to Sheepshead Bay that highlights the ethnic backgrounds of those who populate those neighborhoods.

Absence & Delayed Justice

We examine an array of nation-sanctioned violence against minority groups in America through art, with pieces that depict noticeable, violence-induced absences and convey themes of delayed justice.

San Juan Hill: Cultural Diaspora

Lincoln Center, a cultural center in New York City, was built on the destruction of the neighborhood of San Juan Hill, a thriving multicultural enclave. While Lincoln Center’s cultural importance cannot be understated, its displacement of thousands calls into question whether culture was cultivated or destroyed.