Category: Swenson, Sandra

Air Pollution effects on Lichen

Air pollution does its fair share of environmental destruction, although we may only see the affects of air pollution on the larger parts if the environment it’s important to focus on the smaller organisms that fall victim to air pollution.

Spotted Lanternflies in NYC

The population of Spotted Lanternflies is growing rapidly. There are a few reasons why this is happening, these invasive species are attracted to various objects that are very common around the city.

How has climate change contributed to the livelihood of birds in NYC?

Upon discovering that 100 of the 350 birds in NYC have fallen into an area of concern, we decided to investigate whether climate change as contributed to this trend. We hypothesized that climate change is why NYC birds have declined and that no bird could thrive in warmer conditions. Our results found that climate change would contribute to the loss in different species impacting Arctic birds the most.

What are the potential environmental impacts of Randall’s Island and THE HIGH LINE that can affect the growth of cornflowers?

In this research project, our group focused on how the climate of New York City alters the growth of domesticated flowers, specifically the Coneflower. Post-BioBlitz, we noticed its variation in that growth on Randall’s Island. We then decided to compare the potential environmental impacts of Randall’s Island and the High Line that could impact the growth of coneflowers. Our results led us to conclude that the environment of New York City impacts coneflower growth. Although we were limited in our research, in the future, we hope to study Coneflower growth throughout the five boroughs to further support our conclusion.