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The Parallels between 21 Savage and Carrie Mae Weems

Both Carrie Mae Weems and 21 Savage are exceptional artists in their field. Their specialities are on different ends of the art scheme, but it seems that there are some similarities between them as well. This presentation compares 21 Savage’s music video for his song “A Lot” ft. J Cole with Carrie Mae Weems’ “The Kitchen Table Series”.

How Safe is NYC’s Drinking Water? A Novel Comparison of Federal and Health-Based Maximum Chemical Level Disparities in NYC Water Samples

Students in Dr. Dustin Wheeler’s Science Forward seminar analyzed published datasets for NYC water parameters and tested their own water samples for contaminants. They studied the disparities between federal Maximum Contaminant Levels and the Health-Based Guideline for chlorination byproducts, heavy metals, and other physical/chemical parameters. Their findings shed light on inconsistencies apparent in annual NYC Water Supply & Quality Reports.

Air Pollution effects on Lichen

Air pollution does its fair share of environmental destruction, although we may only see the affects of air pollution on the larger parts if the environment it’s important to focus on the smaller organisms that fall victim to air pollution.