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Honey, What’s the Buzz in NYC?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, bee populations were falling and bees were increasingly in danger of being wiped out. Over the course of the pandemic. However, there has been a notable increase in the bee populations in New York City compared to pre-pandemic levels. Our goal was to find the reasons for this increase and find ways for local residents to aid this resurgence and prevent the bee populations from falling again.

Street Trees in Community Districts 11 & 13

The City’s plan is a great opportunity for the City to reduce inequality in neighborhoods previously underserved by green infrastructure, as well as create new sources of ecosystem services such as water absorption and reduction of particulate matter and CO2 in the air. By planting trees only in neighborhoods that make the City look good rather than benefit communities that need them, or by planting trees that don’t maximize sustainability, the City could be wasting the 136 million in taxpayer dollars that it plans to spend on its tree planting plan.