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How Safe is NYC’s Drinking Water? A Novel Comparison of Federal and Health-Based Maximum Chemical Level Disparities in NYC Water Samples

Students in Dr. Dustin Wheeler’s Science Forward seminar analyzed published datasets for NYC water parameters and tested their own water samples for contaminants. They studied the disparities between federal Maximum Contaminant Levels and the Health-Based Guideline for chlorination byproducts, heavy metals, and other physical/chemical parameters. Their findings shed light on inconsistencies apparent in annual NYC Water Supply & Quality Reports.

What Gives Art Value?

As robotic art experiences rapid improvement, our group has created a short story that expounds on the benefits of human created art and answers the question “what gives art value?”

Absence & Delayed Justice

We examine an array of nation-sanctioned violence against minority groups in America through art, with pieces that depict noticeable, violence-induced absences and convey themes of delayed justice.


The Arts in NYC Seminar emphasized that NYC is our classroom! While we have heard this statement so many times, we decided to document our journey exploring this truth.