Where Will Lanternflies Thrive Next?​

Project Authors: Anthony Gonzalez, Kirsten Shyu, Michael Russo, Rohan Ghoshal

Our project focuses on the biological fitness of the Spotted Lanternfly — an invasive species that originates from China & Korea, & has since managed to thrive here in the US — starting from the origin point of Berks County, Pennsylvania. Through dissecting four different research categories: “Current Locations In The US”, “Past Movements”, “Climate”, & “Ecoterrains” — our presented research will provide readers an in-depth analysis of the Spotted Lanternfly & their behaviors, habits, preferences in climate & habitats, & their recorded history of movement throughout Korea & so far in the US. Using this culmination of research, we came to a final conclusion as to where they are headed next, & how this will dramatically affect the US & its farmland — both financially & agriculturally as time continues.

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