Category: joy

My Landscape in a Nutshell

My sketch consists of my neighborhood and where I grew up in a nutshell- such as the peaceful atmosphere, the small community that I treat like my family, and everyone’s similar culture/values. What makes the landscape appealing are the Persian synagogues, the parks, and more!

Into the Woods

Into the Woods, a popular Broadway show, contains many themes and intricate details that are worth exploring. Would you spend 3 days in the woods for the one thing you’ve always wanted?

Guide to Subway Art

New York experience is incomplete without the MTA. However, the beauty surrounding these stations gets ignored in our busy lives. Our project intends to identify the subway art throughout NYC.

The Power of Comedy

Do you like jokes? Being entertained or making others laugh? This presentation is about stand-up comedy, the comedian Hasan Minhaj, and the power comedy has over both audiences and comedians.

The Inbetween

Our display will blow your socks off with our loving interpretation of our Macaulay experience featuring dancers, memories, art, and inside jokes.


Pay attention to your thoughts and your movements. Motion isn’t just physical; it represents our emotions and our desire to express them.