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Into the Woods

Into the Woods, a popular Broadway show, contains many themes and intricate details that are worth exploring. Would you spend 3 days in the woods for the one thing you’ve always wanted?

San Juan Hill: Cultural Diaspora

Lincoln Center, a cultural center in New York City, was built on the destruction of the neighborhood of San Juan Hill, a thriving multicultural enclave. While Lincoln Center’s cultural importance cannot be understated, its displacement of thousands calls into question whether culture was cultivated or destroyed.

Guide to Subway Art

New York experience is incomplete without the MTA. However, the beauty surrounding these stations gets ignored in our busy lives. Our project intends to identify the subway art throughout NYC.


The Arts in NYC Seminar emphasized that NYC is our classroom! While we have heard this statement so many times, we decided to document our journey exploring this truth.

Women In Art

An exploration of the enduring issues faced by women and how social and political issues surrounding women have implemented themselves into art

Art in the NBA

Every year each team in the NBA creates city edition uniforms. These uniforms are supposed to represent the cities that the teams play in. This year the Brooklyn Nets made their city edition uniforms inspire by Brooklyn born artist Jean- Michel Basquiat. Basquiat is known for his raw, messy art with graffiti like text, and that is exactly what the Brooklyn Nets put on their jerseys this year.