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Guide to Subway Art

New York experience is incomplete without the MTA. However, the beauty surrounding these stations gets ignored in our busy lives. Our project intends to identify the subway art throughout NYC.

Spotted Lanternflies in NYC

The population of Spotted Lanternflies is growing rapidly. There are a few reasons why this is happening, these invasive species are attracted to various objects that are very common around the city.

Shifting Skylines

Welcome to the most beautiful, dynamic, fast-paced, and brilliant city on Earth. New York City’s skyline is constantly shifting; to learn about specific developments in recent years, read our project!

Our New York Love Letter

Do you say “waterfall” or “airsip”? In our city with such a myriad of culture and traditions, come take a little glimpse into each of our lives as we show you how we have navigated living life in a city filled with wonders!

Florine Stettheimer

Florine Stettheimer was an American artist during the 20th century who created many paintings of famous New York City scenes, in a uniquely theatrical and colorful style.

What are the potential environmental impacts of Randall’s Island and THE HIGH LINE that can affect the growth of cornflowers?

In this research project, our group focused on how the climate of New York City alters the growth of domesticated flowers, specifically the Coneflower. Post-BioBlitz, we noticed its variation in that growth on Randall’s Island. We then decided to compare the potential environmental impacts of Randall’s Island and the High Line that could impact the growth of coneflowers. Our results led us to conclude that the environment of New York City impacts coneflower growth. Although we were limited in our research, in the future, we hope to study Coneflower growth throughout the five boroughs to further support our conclusion.