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New York Raptors

Raptors such as hawks and falcons are capable of surviving well in urban environments, including urban parks. But, some urban parks are likely to yield greater numbers of hawks and falcons than others, and we wanted to find out which ones and why.

The Effect of Household Income on Street Tree Diversity: A Close Look at Four Brooklyn Neighborhoods

we would like to find out whether tree diversity is similar across a subset of four neighborhoods in Brooklyn which differ significantly with regard to the median household income of the residents therein. This is important because trees provide crucial ecosystem services such as filtering air particles and keeping streets cool (Willis and Petrokofsky, 2017). We are interested in exploring the relationship between median household income and tree diversity because tree diversity is important to neighborhood health and quality of life.

Spaces of Cultural Affinity

We combined the best elements of our mini magazine projects that reflected our journey throughout Seminar 1 into a collective poster exploring our cultural spaces of affinity, the Uptown Triennial, and key places of artistic fervor.

Sounds of NYC

This is an audio piece of the different music one may hear at every subway stop or at the turn of every block- an homage to the history of NYC’s music.

Dean Martin: The King of Cool

A detailed insight into the life of Dean Martin, known as the “The King of Cool”. An acclaimed entertainer who dominated the media of the mid-20th century with his charming personality and Italian American style.

Fighting Climate Change: A Guide for Brooklyn College and CUNY

Brooklyn College has been recognized as one of the many diverse campuses along with titles such as “Best Value College” from Princeton Review. With our vast assortment of students, student body, faculty, etc., we must consider our contribution and initiatives toward reducing carbon emissions.
Our focus for Campus As A Lab is to present concrete action plans that are sufficient and effective and will benefit both the campus and the interconnected student life.

Nutrition In College

The transition into attending college plays a huge role in the ways we value nutrition. We aim to investigate the relationship between accessible food consumption and the responsibilities that come with being a college student.

Afrofuturism and its Impact on Art

My presentation was about Afrofuturism and the impacts it has had on art. In this presentation I analyzed various works from artist Kehinde Wiley through an afrofuturist lens, and addressed the revolutionary way in which Wiley reshapes the past using aspects of the present to speculate towards a hopeful future for black people across the diaspora.

New York Raptors

Raptors, or birds of prey, are apex predators in the wild. For birds that live in the city, you would think more about pigeons and sparrows than you would hawks and falcons, but these raptors are surprisingly adaptable, and have established healthy populations in New York City, especially urban parks. What is it that allows them to survive? Which parks are the best for sustaining healthy numbers of hawks and falcons?

PM2.5 vs Precipitation in NYC

This past year the forest fires in Canada and the extreme rain in September got us all thinking about air pollution and rainfall. Particles in the air form nuclei for clouds to condense around. In light of this connection, this is an investigation into the correlation between air pollution and rainfall.