Man versus God

A heated debate – the Big Bang or God’s creation of the world? The debate between scientific inquiry and religious debate has seemed to be grappling at the hands of many as we are approaching a generation of increasing scientific advancements – whether that be in quantum mechanics, genetic engineering (in which we are able […]

The Bias Within History

In the face of great change in this generation, many of us are beginning to question information of the past. “History repeats itself” is an infamous saying that spans across all horizons, but remains true at every core. Just as the Enlightenment during the Scientific Revolution was centered around fact-checking and deriving the legitimacy of […]

Poverty in the World

There are currently 7.8 billion people in this rapidly growing world. This uncontrollable growth in population has put great stress on the global food supply. Even developed countries like the United States has seen the effects of a limited food supply but many people in first world countries do not reach the point of starvation […]