17…and counting?

Three of our presidents—Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Barack H. Obama—have one unique thing in common. All three of these men, at one point during their tenure, passed immigration reform in favor of protecting the millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, and to be completely honest, this doesn’t make any sense—at first. […]


On March 6, #StandWithRand was the hashtag trending worldwide on Twitter.  On that day, Senator Rand Paul, the junior Senator from Kentucky, pulled off a 12 hour and 52 minute filibuster of the nomination of President Obama’s candidate for CIA Director, John Brennan.   While some have called Senator Paul’s filibuster a waste of time, many […]

Election 2012 — The Issues

Voters have been rallying behind their candidates as the 2012 presidential election season is in full swing; however, some voters still remain undecided, and others would just like to learn more about the other candidates on the ballot. The Macaulay Messenger’s guide to the 2012 presidential election breaks down the beliefs of each candidate on […]

Jobs: America’s Challenge

Dealing with his lowest approval rates yet, President Obama discussed the nation’s economic situation amongst a joint session of Congress. In his much anticipated speech, the president called on Congress to take immediate action on a newly proposed bill, titled the “American Jobs Act”, estimated at $447 billion in tax cuts and new government spending. […]

But Are You Sure He’s Not a Muslim?

If you somehow managed to pull yourself away from the extensive coverage of the royal wedding these past weeks, you may have also noticed that President Obama finally released his long-form birth certificate. Donald Trump, of course, immediately did his own press conference and stated that he was very proud of himself for causing this […]