Man versus God

A heated debate – the Big Bang or God’s creation of the world? The debate between scientific inquiry and religious debate has seemed to be grappling at the hands of many as we are approaching a generation of increasing scientific advancements – whether that be in quantum mechanics, genetic engineering (in which we are able […]

The Science of Sneezing  

Did you know that your most forceful sneeze can travel out of your mouth at the speed of a category two hurricane—approximately 100 miles per hour? Sneezes can also spray up to 5,000 particles, which can travel up to 20 feet. Since it’s flu season and I happened to be irritably sneezing with a cold […]

Science and Prostitution

Should you be alarmed by the title, allow me to reassure you—this article has little to do with the subject of prostitution and is much more focused on science itself. That being said, I have recently come to the realization that under the scientific and technical norms our society now runs, science is essentially a prostitute. […]

Dilemma of the Scientist-Artist

It’s not uncommon for the modern college student to be torn between two vastly different subjects. This isn’t to say that students in the past did not have multiple interests, but with the proliferation of majors and extracurricular activities, today’s students are much more likely to develop a serious interest in what used to be […]