Hi everyone,

In class, we mentioned how your Urban Art & Culture Guide assignment is going to become a brochure that you will show off at the Macaulay STEAM Festival on December 2-3. In order to make this brochure, your team will use Canva, a free web-based design app. The Baruch ITFs are offering a series of workshops on media arts skills including two workshops on Canva. I highly suggest that you take one of these Canva workshops in order to feel comfortable with the application so that turning your guide into a brochure is easy!

The Canva workshops will be offered on Thursday October 19 at 1pm (during club hours) and then again on Wednesday November 1 at 4pm. Both are, of course, free and will last about an hour. You’ll that there are other workshops too — feel free to sign up for any/all of these if they are a skill you want to learn. I’m happy to tell you more about any of them, too.

Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/nAU017pW5TzOaTrE2

Please note: signing up represents a commitment to attend, so if you cannot attend, you need to email the ITF who is running your workshop to let them know.

Questions? Just email me!