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Society changes, sometimes positively, and sometimes negatively. As people of the new generation; we need to acknowledge the past, access the present, and develop the future to better society.

Road Trip With Us

The theme for our zine revolves around our identities as New Yorkers. Our scrapbook theme is chronologically organized from sunrise to sunset to nightlife in the city. As New Yorkers, we are able to gain the ability to not only travel around the different boroughs: but also to travel around no matter the time of day. We are able to view the same scenery, the same landscape, the same environment; in both a new light and a new perspective.

Our New York Love Letter

Do you say “waterfall” or “airsip”? In our city with such a myriad of culture and traditions, come take a little glimpse into each of our lives as we show you how we have navigated living life in a city filled with wonders!

Taste of Harlem

Taste of Harlem is a Juneteenth Food Festival in Marcus Garvey Park. We’ve created a hands on experience that highlights traditional and modern ingredients, along with foods that show how culture is passed down through generations.


The Arts in NYC Seminar emphasized how NYC is our classroom! Exposé reveals the journey of exploring and redefining this truth.


Pay attention to your thoughts and your movements. Motion isn’t just physical; it represents our emotions and our desire to express them.