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I am Scandinavian so I thought it would be fun to share a bit about Vikings as people tend to find them very interesting. The art they created is also just outstanding!

The Arts of Black and Jewish Creators in New York City

Through touring major museums in New York City, and experiencing the beautiful artwork the city has to offer, our group, comprised of Black and Jewish students was inspired by the artwork which represented our cultures and heritage. Our project features the arts of Black and Jewish creators in New York City, as well as the art of up and coming Black and Jewish artists.

When Art and Technology Meet

Anadol used over 300 million publicly available photos of nature as the dataset for the sculpture. This continues the theme of Machine Hallucinations, by seeing familiar concepts reimagined by machines.

Cultures in NYC

As we visited museums and collaborated on various projects, one theme recurred: the different cultures in New York City. Every group member was able to connect their own heritage to what we saw around the city.