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Cultures in NYC

As we visited museums and collaborated on various projects, one theme recurred: the different cultures in New York City. Every group member was able to connect their own heritage to what we saw around the city.

Where is Home?

An audio file to be listened to riding the Q or B from Newkirk Plaza to Sheepshead Bay that highlights the ethnic backgrounds of those who populate those neighborhoods.

My Landscape in a Nutshell

My sketch consists of my neighborhood and where I grew up in a nutshell- such as the peaceful atmosphere, the small community that I treat like my family, and everyone’s similar culture/values. What makes the landscape appealing are the Persian synagogues, the parks, and more!

San Juan Hill: Cultural Diaspora

Lincoln Center, a cultural center in New York City, was built on the destruction of the neighborhood of San Juan Hill, a thriving multicultural enclave. While Lincoln Center’s cultural importance cannot be understated, its displacement of thousands calls into question whether culture was cultivated or destroyed.

Yiddish Theater and NYC

New York City is known for Broadway, but there is another side to theater: Yiddish Theater! Come take a look at this enduring art form that has thrived in New York. There will be a particular focus on Fiddler on the Roof.

Our New York Love Letter

Do you say “waterfall” or “airsip”? In our city with such a myriad of culture and traditions, come take a little glimpse into each of our lives as we show you how we have navigated living life in a city filled with wonders!