Jackie Shay

Although I have lived in Queens for almost my whole life, I have never journeyed into Corona before. Actually, my only familiarity with the neighborhood was from the TV show, The King of Queens. Since I was assigned to the “economy/work/labor” group, I had to pay attention to the stores and restaurants found. However, as my group was forming our page, we realized we had overlapping information with the “demographics” group and the “arts and culture” group. Thus, we all ended up merging with those two groups, and we were able to form a collaborative page.

Since I am fascinated with the history of Corona, I wrote the short history of Corona found on “The People” link. Also, I think to understand the change in the economy, it is important to see how it was in the past.

About Maggie Dickinson

I am a graduate student in the Anthropology Department at the CUNY Graduate Center and an Instructional Technology Fellow at Macaulay Honors College, Queens Campus.
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