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I am a graduate student in the Anthropology Department at the CUNY Graduate Center and an Instructional Technology Fellow at Macaulay Honors College, Queens Campus.

Zachary Frenkel- The Man, The Legend, The Student

My name is Zachary Frenkel. I grew up in Brooklyn, but I have resided in Woodmere, Long Island, for the past seven years. When my professor told us that we were studying Corona, and that we’d have to pick a … Continue reading

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Yvette Deane

Being from Brooklyn, I was oblivious to the neighborhoods in Queens. Finding out about the diversity of Queens was mind blowing, especially Corona. In specific, I studied the religion of Corona. It was fascinating  to understand why certain ethnic groups … Continue reading

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Sylvia Zaki

Hi my name is Sylvia, as you can tell from the banner. I am an undergraduate student, working on this website with my class as part of a research project on Queens. I worked on the Restaurant Guide page under … Continue reading

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Rosemarie Dominguez

Hi! I’m Rosie Dominguez! I’m a freshman at Macaulay Honors College, and I hope you get to learn a lot about Corona, Queens through this site!  I worked on the “Educational Institutions” page under “The Places” of Corona.  I researched … Continue reading

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Oriana Asano

Hi, my name’s Oriana and I hail from a tiny suburban community in Long Island. That having been said, this semester’s “Peopling of NYC” taught me a lot about Corona, Queens (a community that I previously did not know existed). … Continue reading

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Nicki Kornbluth

Growing up in Bergenfield, NJ, I was pretty oblivious about Corona before this class. The Peopling of NY has been a learning experience, opening my eyes to the diverse neighborhood right near us. For this website, I worked on the … Continue reading

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Natasha Chait

 Well, hello there! My name is Natasha Chait and I am responsible for the foods of Corona page. I like frolicking on the beach, dancing to disco music and being creative. I am currently a freshman in college (although not that … Continue reading

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Mitch Guido

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Leah Khuk

Hi! My name is Leah Khukhashvili (Khuk for short). I worked on the history section of the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park tab. Go check it out –  like the park itself, it’s pretty awesome! (All the pictures on the park’s timeline … Continue reading

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Kathryn Cox

I’m a freshman at Macaulay Honors College at Queens College who plans to major in Mathematics and Early Elementary Education. This course has taught me to appreciate the myriad of cultures around me, namely those in Corona. My focus on … Continue reading

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