Zachary Frenkel- The Man, The Legend, The Student

My name is Zachary Frenkel. I grew up in Brooklyn, but I have resided in Woodmere, Long Island, for the past seven years. When my professor told us that we were studying Corona, and that we’d have to pick a topic to research, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park was the first place on my mind. The park is one of the nicest places in the five boroughs, and being an avid skateboarder, any place with a skatepark is a place I’d like to be. Both the topic of my final research paper and my fieldwork for this website were based on Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. In other news, I also like fishing, so here is a photo of a bass I caught this summer…

About Maggie Dickinson

I am a graduate student in the Anthropology Department at the CUNY Graduate Center and an Instructional Technology Fellow at Macaulay Honors College, Queens Campus.
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